Our Approach

Our Story

After the 2016 election, reeling in confusion and malaise about what the future had in store for our country, a group of karaoke enthusiasts came together to console each other and grapple with feelings of powerlessness. While celebrating a local Friendsgiving dinner and having several glasses of wine, these political lefties, singing afficionados decided to deal with their political upset by channeling their energies for good: singing Christmas carols to raise money for Muslim Americans - a group that was being threatened by the incoming administration with a Travel Ban and other human rights injustices.

In this climate of uncertainty, when a lot of people didn't know what was in store for them in the coming years, we felt that honoring the spirit of the holidays and showing support for all the people in our community was important. Jersey City is an extremely diverse community and the choir is a way of displaying our support to people in the area that may have felt less accepted, or welcome, following the election. We welcome everyone and we want to make sure we show that to people. Co-opting Jefferson Sessions name in the process was just a fun little benefit. We sang our carols and healed our souls in the process and decided to keep singing.

Since then we have been selecting politicians in the administration to "roast" and raising funds for organizations that help disenfranchised and at-risk groups these politicians are working against through their legislation and executive orders.

Our Approach

The Jersey City Resistance Choir dedicated to creating a positive space and voice to make a difference for at-risk groups and organizations by resisting unjust legislation and executive actions through song. Our philosophy is "peaceful resistance through joyful singing."

Our Story

Meet the Choir

The incredible people who make JCRC fun and amazing!!!


Brandy Belenky

Member - Soprano


Jasmine Belizario

Member - Mezzo-Soprano


Donnie Corro

Member - Tenor


Donald Gallagher

Member - Baritone


Christina Gonzalez

Founder & Director - Alto & Musician


Rich Jedrzejek



David Kostus

Audience Provocateur - Baritone


Francis Rodriguez

Member - Tenor


Emily Voorhees

Co-Director - Mezzo-Soprano


Joe Zappa

Member - Baritone

Non-Active Founders & Members

A big shout-out to the folks who were with us since the beginning and former choir members who are on temporary hiatus


Tracey Luz

Founder & Former Director


Ceallaigh Fogonogelo Pender

Founder & Former Co-Director


Judith Rahilly

Member - Soprano


Sarah Ligon

Member - Alto

Join Us...

Do you have a song in your heart? Then let it out by joining the Jersey City Resistance Choir!!! Email us for more info.