We love to hear from everyone and try to answer emails as quick as possible, but maybe we've already answered a question you have. Check out our FAQ below.

How can I join the Jersey City Resistance Choir?

We accept members on an on-going basis at the beginning of each of our rehearsals. If you're interested in joining, reach out to us via our FB Group or by emailing jcresistancechoir@gmail.com to schedule a time to meet up with our directors for an informal interview. This is not an audition, but rather an opportunity for you to get to know us and what we do and for us to get to know you, your political passions and your musical background. We ask that you have a 30 second piece of music prepared to sing for us so we can get a sense of your vocal range.

I want to join the choir but I can't hold a tune! How can I participate?

Can't sing? That's OK! We promise to find a way that you can be a part of the choir.

Most people think they can't sing but in fact just haven't had any training. We work on musicality at each rehearsal - topics like diaphragmatic breathing and vocal support, harmonizing, ear training and pitch matching.

If singing isn't the thing for you, we're always looking for musicians to join the group. Can you play an instrument? How about ring a triangle or jam on the tambourine? If you're willing to commit to our group, we WILL find a place for you to join us.

I can't commit to weekly rehearsals and I don't particularly want to sing, but I like what you're doing. How can I help?

The #1 way for anyone to support our group is to donate to the organizations we're sponsoring. Ultimately, that is our most important goal and every little bit helps. Donate directly to the group/organization we're sponsoring this season or go to the "Performances" page to donate to an organization we've supported in the past.

Another way for you to help is to be an ambassador for the JCRC. Follow us on Facebook to find out when and where we will be performing, rally your friends to come and listen, cheer us on and if the spirit moves you jump in and sing with us!